Monday, April 14, 2008

The Trout Lily /Dog-tooth Violet /Yellow Violet is Blooming

Migration and spring took a big step forward on Saturday. The day was warm and felt moist. A small thunderstorm passed through Saturday evening. I found the first Trout Lily (or Dog-toothed Violet or Yellow Violet). In the photo of this tiny little flower you can see why one of its common names is dog-toothed violet, which is the name I hear most often for it. The individual petals of the flower are about the same size and shape as Dog’s canine teeth.

I like how the photo makes the flower look as though it’s deep in some forest meadow. The reality is that it’s right at the edge of where I park the car, and I have to be careful not to back up too far and crush it. This spot is thick with the pretty two-toned leaves of this flower, but so far just the one flower has bloomed.

Saturday was also a good day for bird migration. On Friday, the first ruby-crowned kinglet arrived. On Saturday, I saw a dozen or more of the tiny birds, mostly females, though I did see 3 males. They flitted all around the cabin. Chipping sparrows have also arrived now, the first of millions—at least that’s how it seems. In summer if I see 100 sparrows, 99 of them will be chipping sparrows and the 100th will be a song sparrow.
I wish I had the time to spend a full day just sitting outside and watching what goes on around the cabin. But a little time here and a little there is all the time there is.


Anonymous said...

I saw a few trout lilies in my forest last week. Central Missouri may finally see the arrival of spring.

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty little yellow flower.

Woke up this morning, it was in 30s. Ugh! Make matter worse, had no power either. Somebody pretty much took down a telephone pole on 739.

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

I skipped over here from Cabin Chronicles. You have a delightful blog and I enjoyed reading it very much. ~ Lynn

RuthieJ said...

We have trout lilies like that here, but ours are white. I've never seen a yellow one before! (now I'll have to start looking for some)

Carolyn H said...

Lynne: Thanks for stopping by!

Ruthiej: I'll bet white trout lilies are beautful. I've never seen them any color but yellow!

Cathy: I hope your power came back on. At least it's not mid-winter!

Carolyn H.