Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A New Sound

Do you know what this flower is? The only clue I will give is that this is a trick question.

Last evening just before sunset but after the bright light of the day was gone, I stepped outside the cabin to look around. The birds had gone to roost already, so I didn't hear their songs. I knew that something was different, but for a few seconds I couldn't put my finger on it. And then it dawned on me. I was hearing the sound of leaves rustling in the slight evening breeze. I haven't heard that sound since sometime last fall.

The sound of fall leaves rustling in the breeze is different than the sound of spring's leaves. By fall, the leaves are drier so the sound is more papery. The sound of spring leaves rustling is almost a whisper compared to the sound of fall. The spring leaves are full and moist but they still rustle in the breeze. This spring's explosion of leaf growth has happened more quickly than is usually trypical. The sound of spring leaves usually creeps up on me and doesn't happen all at once. This year, though last night's breeze was but slight, the leaves are already talking to each other and to me.

Overnight more warblers arrived around the cabin. This morning I saw and heard black-throated greens calling and flitting through the trees. There were likely more species than that. I just hope they will still be around this evening.


Cate said...

It's a dogwood, isn't it?

Dana and Daisy said...