Saturday, April 19, 2008

Experiment Update

The photo today is my latest "experiment photo," and I have to say that it still doesn't look a lot different than it did 3 weeks ago. I find it odd that this little patch seems to be the part of the forest that spring forgot. I had to walk through lots of greenery to get to my spot, but in the spot itself, spring isn't very far along.

Not 50 feet away from the experiment spot, the first of the dogwood is starting to bloom, and the redbud is starting to look red around the edges again. A little wild cherry has one or two blooms on it. The bloodroot is now blooming. Yesterday those blooms were spectacular. Today, the petals on one are already falling off.

I expected to see more migrant birds this morning, especially a few warblers, as I wandered around, but I didn't. The ruby-crowned kinglet is still here, but so are the white-throated sparrows. I didn't see any juncos but the phoebes, robins, bluebirds, titmice, etc. are in full voice. Perhaps I'll find warblers tomorrow.

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Chris said...

Good update. We'll be patient to see the changes! Thanks for posting.