Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Patterns in the Snow

It’s starting to feel like late winter here at Roundtop. The snow is starting to melt in spots that get direct sunlight. Where the sunlight is filtered, or blocked by trees, the snow cover is still complete.

I am starting to take slightly longer walks again with the dogs. There is still too much ice and snow for the long walks of summer, but we are now able to get out and around a little bit more. I’m sure the dogs appreciate that as much as I do. I must be one of the few people who can get “cabin fever” when I’m outside but can’t go for long walks. Perhaps “driveway fever” or “lane fever” is a more accurate description than cabin fever.

The temperature for this time of year is near normal, though on the underside of normal. The wild swings of 20 degrees above and followed by days of 20 degrees below average have disappeared. As a result, the weather feels calmer right now than it’s been for months, and that brings me a sense of relief, as though I’d been holding my breath without realizing it.

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