Thursday, February 15, 2007

Icy Downy

Boy, I have never seen such ice in my life! Four inches of solid ice. The car looked as though I'd driven it into a lake and let it freeze there.

Apparently, the rain soaked through the several inches of powdery snow and just congealed on the ground. I spent three hours getting the car out and de-iced this morning, but I still can't drive anywhere. The lane has been plowed but the cinder truck hasn't been by yet. In another words, it's a mess.

My back door has frozen shut, and since it's only 13 degrees right now, it's unlikely I will get it open today. The good news is that the wind is much diminished, though at this temperature any wind is stronger than I'd like. Because I can no longer get out my back door, I've abandoned the bird feeder out there. Instead, I am just tossing the seed out onto this concret snow/ice mix by the front door. It took the birds less time to find the new "feeder" location than it took for me to walk from the back to the front of the cabin.

My photo today is of a downy woodpecker surrounded by icy twigs.

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