Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Little Snow

Snow is hard to come by this year. A little bit--less than an inch--fell on Friday, making that the biggest snowfall of the year so far. This lack of snow is a record lack and for me, not a welcome one. Baby Dog still found the start of the mini-snowfall a fun time. It's true that she isn't doing anything in this photo. That's because in the other photos I took she was always doing something that included running out of the photo frame.

Since the snow, our walks have been short and not very sweet. The temperature has plummeted, now hovering only a few degrees above zero in the mornings, and the cold comes complete with 15-25 mph winds. As a result, we aren't spending a lot of time outside. I like cold weather, but not the windy part.


Cathy said...

I got about two inches of the white stuff. Which made me very happy, since I could test out my new camera. Right now at 7:51 pm it's 10F

pablo said...

I agree about that windy part. I don't mind the cold so much, but a wind can really rip the warmth from my body and sting my skin. Well, I hope you and the dogs have a rewarding remainder of the winter.

LauraO said...

We got about two inches here too. Boomer is too old to play in the snow, but reports from my ex in KY said the rest of the pack (all younger) were having a great time.

Carolyn H said...

Cathy--I've been looking at some of your new photos on your blog. Very nice. Have fun with it!

Pablo--The other day it was 9 degrees, but it was sunny and without any wind. I was out running around with my jacket unzipped and was pretty comfortable. But that wind... 'nuf said.

Carolyn H.