Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ice Storm!

Have you ever seen it rain when it's 17 degrees outside? Neither had I--until last night.

My photo today is of a small pine tree that's bowed over from the accumulation of ice on it. That's how the whole forest looks right now.

Yesterday, the snow arrived as predicted and continued as expected until I had about 5 inches or so. Then it started to rain.

I was outside with Baby Dog when that happened. It felt like lots of bee stings on my face. Overnight, I didn't get much sleep. The sound of ice pelting the windows was loud. Occasionally, I'd hear a tree limb break and crash to the ground, once or twice hitting the roof as it did so. That was usually enough to set the dogs to barking.

This morning, everything is coated with ice. What's scary is that later today the wind will rise, and all this ice will come crashing off the trees, and the woods will be filled with flying ice daggers. Or, the trees will break from the weight of the ice. If that happens, it's almost inevitable that something will fall on a power line. Then, I'll be out of power. But for now, I'm still here!

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Cathy said...

Yikes! Thats' no good. Hopefully you don't lose power.Woke up to sleet crashing into the windows. At times it sounded like somebody was throwing the sleet at the house.

I got about 10 inches of snow and sleet and now the wind is howling through the yard. Lucky for me this is my day off, so did nothing but watch the sleet and snow fall.

I do have an entry for today but Typepad is having problems rightnow So post it tomorrow instead.