Monday, February 26, 2007

Bright Night

Another week, another snow/ice storm. This one wasn’t nearly as bad as last week’s storm. The ice isn’t inches thick, which made the biggest difference.

Last night, as the storm was ending, I was outside with the dogs, and I was surprised by how light the night was. This storm came with a little fog, low clouds, snow already on the ground, and I suppose it was that combination that made the night so bright. I could have read a book outside without a flashlight around 9-10 p.m. Okay, it probably would have needed to be a large print book, but still…

This was a busy weekend on the mountain. One of the local boy scout troops did their annual winter camping requirement in the paintball area at Roundtop. I could sit on my bed and see their campfires on both Friday and Saturday nights. I’m not used to having that many people so close to the cabin, but as far as I could see it all came off without a hitch. Except that Baby Dog barked whenever she heard a voice from that area. She isn’t used to that much activity so nearby either.


pablo said...

Often I can tell when it snowed in the night by how light my bedroom is when I wake. Even before dawn it is apparent.


Carolyn H said...


That is so true about how the light when it snows at night. Sometimes the increased light from impending snow will even wake me up. Apparently my body thinks it's impending dawn!

Carolyn H.