Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dog Tangled

Dog loves the snow, though he usually manages, as here, to tangle himself up when he's outside playing in it. I think it's because he's so excited by the snow that he doesn't pay attention to where he is and what's happening around him until he's completely tangled and immobile. Such was the case when I took this picture. He has that surprised expression, as though to say, "how did *this* happen?"

If I was off work today, which I'm not, I would attempt to be watching hawks today. I have found that hawks will migrate, or at least move northward, on the first warm day of February. And since it's supposed to reach 40 degrees today and because the wind, such as it is, is vaguely from the south, I expect hawks will be on the move.

I have already seen an American kestrel sitting on its preferred wire overlooking the nearby orchard. And, the local redtails have been spotted hunting and soaring over the woods at Roundtop.

Hawk migration won't be in full force until mid-late March, and broadwings won't peak until the 3rd week of April or so, but that won't stop a few hardy souls from moving today.


Cathy said...

Cute photo!

LauraO said...

Dog is absolutely gorgeous. What breed is he?

Carolyn H said...


Dog is a Belgian Tervuren, a herding dog. Same breed as the Malinois, only with long hair.

Carolyn H.