Thursday, February 01, 2007


Tonight, if I am lucky, I shoujld get the first accumulating snow of the season. In a normal year, I would yawn off the possibility of an inch or two of snow. But this is not a normal year, so I’m excited. I’ve even planned a vacation day so I can run the dogs in the snow, take photos of it and just generally enjoy it. Okay, so I do have vacation days that I have to use or lose and it is a Friday, but still, I’ve been looking for some reason to take a day off, and this will be it.

Last night the sky was already so overcast that the full moon was invisible, not even showing as a luminous bright spot behind the clouds. The night before, the nearly full moon was so bright that I cast a shadow as I walked in the darkened woods. Last night it smelled like snow, that crisp moist scent that's felt as much as sensed. I know snow is on the way.

This morning I filled the birdfeeders as full as I could make them, in anticipation that my feeder birds will also sense the oncoming storm and feed heavily ahead of it. I wish I could stay home from work today and watch them. But I can't. Even that will have to wait for tomorrow.

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pablo said...

I hope you get your wish.