Monday, February 19, 2007

More Ice photos

Take a look at this poor little junco, surrounded by icy branches. This gives you a small look at the kind of ice that I had around the cabin late last week.

My father, who's 81, said he'd never seen such ice in his entire life. I know I've never seen anything like it.

I am finally "out" but not yet parking up at the cabin. I am currently parking below the ice line that still cuts across the mountain, so I am walking up to the cabin, which makes things like grocery shopping and trips to/from the laundromat kind of interesting (and long). I didn't get the car dug out until Thursday afternoon, and even so I needed the help of three strong men to push me over the ice. The car looked as though I'd driven it into a pond and let it freeze there. I had to pour hot water on the doors to get in, and it took 3-4 hours with the heater and defroster on high to completely clean it off.

The birds cleaned me out of bird seed, necessitating a trip for seed (and carrying the 30-lb bag of seed back up to the cabin). I was glad to see a Carolina wren at the feeders throughout the storm. These little things roost in holes at the base of trees. After a 2-foot snowstorm in the '90's, all the local Carolina wrens perished. I was afraid this ice would seal the little thing into whatever location it roosted in, but wherever it's roosting, it survived.

I'll leave you with one last ice photo, and then I hope I won't have to mention it again for a while. I'm kind of sick of ice at the moment.


pablo said...

Well, here in Kansas City the temps rose above 50 degrees, and tomorrow it should top 60 degrees. I'm sending the warm front your way. Just hang on a little longer.

Carolyn H said...


Temperatures today should reach 40 degrees, which I hope will melt some of that ice!!

Carolyn H.

Cathy said...

Well considered the ice a payback for the warm Dec we got stuck with. Granted you probably wish it was snow instead.