Friday, November 03, 2006


I don't know if my photos will be too exciting for the next few days. I tripped over Baby Dog the other night in the cabin and hurt my knee. It's not too bad, as I thankfully didn't twist it as I fell, but it will limit my hiking and wandering this weekend. Baby Dog wasn't hurt (naturally).

The dogs are already missing their long morning walks. They are like wound up toys with no good way to expend their energy.

This morning was the coldest, so far, of the darkening season. I had 28 degrees at the cabin, and Dog's water bowl that was accidentally left outside overnight was frozen. Each morning a few more leaves tumble to the ground, improving my view out the back deck. By the end of the weekend, the view should be almost as open as it will get.

For some reason, there are always a few trees that hold onto at least some of their leaves much longer than their neighbors, sometimes even after the first snows have fallen. The leaves will look like wadded up sheets of paper tossed at a wastebasket but somehow still won't fall. I tend to see that most often with the oak trees, though it's certainly not limited to them. And, it's not always the same trees that do this. However, this year, one of those trees is one that's in the way of my back view. It's a good thing I don't own an axe (just kidding!).

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about your
tumble. Tell Baby Dog to
get out of the way.
This PM we saw a group of
Wood Storks in a creek just
west of here. There were
eight of them. It is unusual
for us to see this many at one place and time. We also have had a migration of Fish
Crows uh uhing as they go.