Thursday, November 30, 2006

In a Fog

This was the scene that greeted me this morning when I got up. Well, it's close. When I first got it up was dead dark. So this is more like what I saw when I left the cabin. My first thought when I stepped outside with Dog was, how am I going to drive to work in that? Fortunately, once I got off the mountain, the fog eased a little bit. At least it eased enough so that driving wasn't terrifying.

I am almost at the point where my photos will need to be taken over the weekend and then doled out day by day throughout the rest of the week. It is now fully dark when I get back to the cabin in the evenings. The morning light falls somewhere between pre-dawn and dawn. And the dawn part is fading fast.

I've never been one to be physically affected by the lack of daylight during the dark times. But I do miss it. I miss seeing what birds are around. I miss seeing the sun at all, except on weekends. It's really the only part of winter that I don't care for.

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