Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Foggy Mountain Morning

What's the point of having a great view if you can't see it? It's yet another foggy and dreary day. I try to take a photo each day for this blog, but some days are more challenging than others. This is especialy true, I'm finding, with the ever-shortening days. Going off daylight savings time gave me a bit of a reprieve, but now the shorter days are closing in once again. Add that to a foggy morning that further darkens the early morning, and a new photo becomes all the more difficult. I have no idea what I'll do in another week or so.

This morning Dog and I took our usual early morning walk. It was the first day since I tripped over Baby Dog and hurt my knee that I resumed my regular walk. Armed with my headlamp, the two of us headed into the woods. I found the fog disorienting and even had to stop a few times to look behind me and check my bearings. Was I on the right path? Had I somehow taken a side trail by mistake? That's how thick the fog was. It was so dense that I couldn't see the landmarks I take so much for granted that I don't even realize I'm following landmarks. I don't even realize I'm following them, that is, until they aren't visible, and then I see how much I have depended on that oak tree or that large rock to point my way. It's an odd feeling to find that familiar ground has suddenly become an alien landscape.

Still, I took my walk and found my way, if not as easily as usual. I figured it out eventually. Maybe that's what will happen with my photos when it very shortly gets too dark for me to take one in the morning or evening. I'll figure something out eventually.

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Anonymous said...

I just look at my long term forcast, cloudy with rain. I guess I'll just pretend that I'm living on another planet for now. Actually I'm in the mnood for some snow. Just an inch.