Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Last of Autumn's Gold

It is still foggy this morning, though less so than yesterday. This morning I found these few maple trees with leaves still clinging and even more surprising, still holding on to their color. The rest of the trees in the forest have dropped their leaves. It is only this small stand of maples, nor more than 3-4 trees, where autumn still holds on.

Soon it will be too cold to leave the dogs outside during the day, an event that I'm not looking forward to. With Dog at nearly 80 lbs., and Baby Dog at 45+, that's a lot of doggie energy to be loose in a small cabin at the same time. Last winter, Baby Dog was still a baby, but this year she is often the instigator of the roughhousing that Dog only too willingly joins in on. At this point I am resigned to having a pair of wild dogs, though I am occasionally envious of those who have nice, calm dogs who spend the day sleeping. Those ain't my dogs.

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