Friday, May 19, 2006

Yard Bird Results are In!

April results are in! I’m #5 in my category for Pennsylvania’s yard bird contest! That’s one slot better than in March. I’ve been surprised each month, so far, when these results are posted by how well and how high in the standings I am. I’m currently only 2 species behind the #4 slot, but the top 3 slots are waay out of reach. The guy in the #1 slot has 105 species to my 57. For all 5 categories combined, I’m in the 21st slot, which still isn’t bad. My own category, category 3, is the slot with the most participants. The categories are all based on the size of your “yard.”

I don’t have much hope that I will stay as high as I am. My May birding around the cabin hasn’t been the best by a long shot. I’ve only had a few warbler species, where I typically have more than a dozen species. I haven’t had the thrush species I usually get either. So, I’m not expecting to hold my place this next month. But, I still have fall migration coming up to improve my standings. Since I’m so close to the fourth spot, I’d like to at least reach that point. And even if I can’t improve my standing higher than #4 in category 3, I might be able to improve my overall standing in the combined categories. This has been a fun activity!

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