Monday, May 22, 2006

Spring at Roundtop

The obsessive titmouse is back, happily trying to attract the “mate” he thinks he sees in his reflection in the upstairs window. At least I think that’s what he’s trying to do, as he isn’t acting aggressively as though he’s trying to drive away a competitor.

A Baltimore oriole has been singing all over Roundtop as well. It flits from treetop to treetop, singing away.

The local Canada geese have 3 tiny babies. The little ones hatched on Friday on the small pond at the entrance to Roundtop. On Sunday morning, the trio was marched over to the larger snowmaking pond, the one in this photo. Usually, I walk around this pond with Dog and/or Baby Dog is the mornings before work. Now, I’ve rerouted my morning walk so Dog won’t scare them. Geese usually move their young from their nest within a few days of hatching. I’ve always assumed they do it as a safety precaution against predators. At my parents' farm, the baby geese are often marched from their pond, through the woods and over to a neighboring pond that’s nearly half a mile away. I’ve always wondered how such tiny goslings are able to make that trek. I picture them falling off downed trees and stumbling over twigs. At least this pond isn’t that far away from the small pond.

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Sara the NewEnglander said...

I checked out Robert Service and i must say he's awsome. I especially loved "soul of a sourdough". Thanks for the tip. I can see the advantage to reading him while driving through Alaska.