Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What's a girl to do?

It's raining again today, so I thought a picture of wet leaves would be appropropriate. And my mood kind of matches the dreary weather.

It’s funny to me that this past winter was a warm one, followed by a cold spring, but that’s what’s happened. For some reason, I can’t wrap my mind around the reality of this. It seems as though a warm winter would be followed by warm spring (or at least a normal one). But that is not the case this year.

The temperatures were warm for one week, and that prompted me to pack away my heaviest winter clothing and unpack my warmer weather clothing. But today I’m still wearing sweaters and many of the same clothes I did in the winter, which I am by now sick to death of. I used to think that I had fewer summer clothes than any other season, but I’m starting to feel that it’s my in-between wardrobe that’s lacking.

The problem is I can’t yet pack away the last of the winter clothing, and though I have my summer clothing unpacked, it isn’t warm enough to wear them. So I suddenly seem to have tons of unpacked clothing, most of which I can’t wear at the moment. I really don’t have enough room in the cabin to have two unpacked seasonal wardrobes, but that’s what I have. I’m ready for a change.

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