Friday, May 19, 2006

Now You See it...

I wanted to show how the red buds of the redbud tree slowly disappear. I've already posted some pictures of the redbud in its full glory. In this picture, you can start to see the leaves poking through the blossoms. Tommorow, I'll post how this same branch looks today.

Around the cabin: at the bottom of the lane the gravel road widens into a big gavel area. A family of killdeer nested there and now two miniature killdeer are running around down there. Dog and I were out walking last evening when one of the killdeer went into the "old broken wing trick." The bird fluttered around piteously, trying to make us believe it was hurt and ripe for being someone's prey. Anytime a killdeer pulls this stunt, it means that a baby killdeer is nearby. It's kind of like when the magician wants you to look in one place while he's doing something with the other hand. Dog, naturally, was ready to get the flopping killdeer. But I knew that to look elsewhere, and that's when I saw the babies being spirited away by mama. I think those little legs moved faster than anything I've ever seen.

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Sara the NewEnglander said...

I have a cherry tree in my backyard that has the most beautiful flower blossoms for about 1 week a year. I hate how it lasts so short but for a good 5 days after the blossom's peak, the yard is filled with fluttering petals everytime the wind blows.

Nature is beautiful.