Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What's Not Happening at the Cabin

After nearly a week of non-cabin, non-dog postings, you’re probably wondering what’s going on around the cabin. Here’s a bit about what’s not happening…

I haven’t seen any of the three red fox kits for about a week. In some ways, this might be good news. I haven’t seen any killed on the road, which considering that they were playing in it on at least two occasions is something of a miracle. Perhaps they’ve moved to a different den or perhaps they are learning the ropes of being a fox in the woods.

I haven’t seen any new fawns yet this year, but this morning I heard and briefly saw a doe in the woods next to the house. Since this isn’t a spot where I normally see deer—they rather sensibly prefer the grass of the slopes—I would not be surprised to learn she has dropped and hidden a fawn in there somewhere.

The dogs are fine, except Baby Dog is now a puppy adolescent. This means that half the time she doesn’t hear what I’m saying and the other half she doesn’t care. This is the one phase of dog raising that I could do without.

Dog is also fine and is becoming dignified in his middle age. It is beneath him to notice the antics of Baby Dog (or so he would have you believe).

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