Sunday, May 28, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different: Part 3

This was a display of different kinds of lighting that were used before electric lamps. The large iron basket in the center is a crescette (not sure of spelling) that was kind of a street lamp. People would fill them with wood knots and burn them. Often they were placed fairly high so the light would spread more.

They could be carried by two people. There's other kinds of candle making stuff, whale oil lamps, wick snippers and other kinds of interesting things here too.

Here's a display of some of the gear a rifleman needed to carry. The curly maple stock on the rifle was just beautiful. He also carried black powder, rifle balls, patches and other stuff, all laid out on his bearskin.

So that's enough of the history lesson. tomorrow my blog will return to its usual topic of what the dogs are up to and what's going on in the woods around the cabin.


Cathy said...

Great Pictures. Love the clock from the last post. Glad that tavern was save and restored. they don't building like that anymore. At least you also had nice weather too.

Carolyn H said...


The clock is my favorite too. Those old clocks are so beautiful. They don't make those like they used to, either.