Friday, May 12, 2006

Random Acts of Spring

I have no reason to post this picture today other than I was going through some pictures I took a week or two ago and decided I liked it. It was taken at my parents farm.

Up at my cabin, the latest summer resident has arrived. I've been hearing 2-3 Eastern wood pewees all morning. A few other summer residents should be here, but I haven't seen them yet. No hummingbirds, no indigo bunting, no scarlet tanager. So I need to actively look for those several.

An Eastern phoebe perched, momentarily on the open window frame of my crank-out windows. I was about 5 feet from it, sitting at my computer. But The Bad Cat was sitting on the computer at the window and nearly had a heart attack in his joy at the sight. It's the first time I ever really saw a creature tremble with excitement.

Finally rain arrived in the form of a gullywasher that dropped 1.5 inches in about 2 hours. It also came complete with a tornado warning (but fortunately no tornados). And with the rain the forest is now in its full glory, which means I am living in my green box again. It's a good thing I have birds to look at in the trees.


Cathy said...

That's odd, I have hummingbirds here. It pour here about hour ago. It was one those nice pop up showers with one good streak of lighting. I keep forgetting to ask you this. Are you being plague down there with gypsy moth caperpillers. They are bad this year and this county won't spray either.

Carolyn H said...


I just heard on Friday that the state would be spraying for gypsy moths, but I didn't hear where. I haven't seen any sign of them at my place yet, but you know how they are. One mountain is fine and the next is covered with them.