Monday, May 08, 2006

Little Red Foxes

I have twice seen several red fox kits right where I turn off the public road to reach the cabin. Last week I saw two. Yesterday I saw 3 of them. Like kids, they are oblivious to the dangers of the road. One of them was carrying something in its mouth—a leaf, a piece of paper, who knows? The other two were chasing the first, and all were having a great time. They acted like 13 year olds out alone at the mall for the first time. In other words, they acted like they thought they were really cool. These cute little kits are too young to be cautious of the road but big enough to get out of the den on their own and into trouble.


Alyson Wilson said...

I lived in Sun Valley, Idaho for a long time and always looked forward to seeing "foxlets" (as we called them) in the spring. Golly they are cute! I love that you compared them to teenagers in a mall! These days there are not as many foxlets in my life, I live in L.A. and work as a content director for a Web site (I was surfing at work and found your blog - my site is and we don't launch until July). But I will add that we have an opossum, a raccoon and many bird families that live in our backyard. And, rather than foxlets, we are visited by fluffy ducklings in the spring!

Keep up the good work on you blog!

Carolyn H said...


Thanks for the note! I wish these foxlets paid more attention to what was going on around them. They are as cute as can be. I just hope they wise up before one of them gets hurt.