Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Quiet Days

It's been quiet around the cabin this week (so far!). The baby geese are growing. The baby bluebirds are doing fine.

The giant raccoon who occasionally hangs out on the front deck, eating the outdoor cat food showed up a couple of times. Even the outdoor cats are so relaxed around it that they don't move away when the raccoon shows up.

My photo today looks like dandelion, but it isn't. It's a coldsfoot plant, the taller dandelion lookalike that doesn't have leaves at the base.

This morning I had a nice up close view of two wood thrush. I think they were busy investigating what Dog was up to and didn't realize they they were almost within arm's reach of me. I'm happy anytime I can see a bird like that without binoculars.

But other than these little mini-adventures, it's been kind of quiet--not sure why. It certainly won't last.

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