Friday, March 21, 2008


For the most part, I don’t care for photos of rushing water where the water looks blurred. I know that’s the style people go for now, but that’s not how water looks to me. I like my photos to look like what I saw at that moment. As it turns out, rushing water is a good metaphor for how my week has gone so far. I have been in a rush all week, looking ahead to Friday so I can switch gears and slow down in some quiet pool where nothing much happens. Well, maybe I’ll just have to be satisfied with slower water.

Here on Roundtop, Grandmother Nature is having difficulty making a decision. Is it winter? Is it spring? Tonight, I will get snow, as though the vernal equinox was a sign, not of spring, but a terse reminder that winter is not yet dead. I feel as though I’m in the middle of some big seasonal fight, pulled towards spring one day, hurtled back into winter the next.

Roundtop’s ski resort is now closed for the year, which means the mountain is quiet again, and I will have my weekends off for the first time since October. I am looking forward to having some time to spend outside, even if the weather is pretending it’s still winter. Hopefully, I won't have to rush.


Cathy said...

Oh I had that problem yesterday, it's the first day, with snow showers all day. Then later that night, the winds roared through and I lost power for two hours.

I don't really want to look at next week forecast. there's rumors of snow.

Anonymous said...

Make that rushing water for two! Mine has been a busy week, but here is wishing you a slower paced Sprinter or is that Wing? I guess either works for that season between Winter and Spring, but I kind of like the bird implications of the latter while the prior doesn't sound too slow and relaxing.

Jennifer said...

That is a lovely picture. i can hear the water!