Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Open Water

This morning spring looks even closer than it did yesterday. Today I see open and running water. Huge skeins of Canada geese head north through the overcast sky. This morning I heard several killdeer, already defending prime stones in the parking lots. I even heard a red-winged blackbird this morning, though not at Roundtop

The ground is muddy and saturated. Dog and I puddle-hopped on our walk this morning. The saturated ground is a bad thing considering the sky was red at sunrise, and the forecast is for heavy rain.

The morning chorus of resident birds is louder and more enthusiastic each morning, and I suspect it won't be long until I hear spring's first phoebe. I will miss winter when it goes, but I am looking forward to having a little free time once the ski area closes. As winters are, this one had considerably less snow than is typical (and more ice). The winter saw warmer days than is typical here and there, but I suspect the average temperature will turn out to be, well, near average overall.

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