Monday, March 03, 2008

Almost Spring (at least for today)

This morning cardinals are singing, Carolina wrens are singing. Titmice and juncos are singing, too. Killdeer are screaming all around the mountain. Even I am starting to admit that it must be almost spring. Yesterday was the first day I actually felt it. The temperature was about 40, and although a few other days have also reached 40, yesterday was the first where 40 didn't have a chilly feel to it.
Yesterday's 40 felt almost warm. Perhaps it's because much of the natural snow cover is now gone. Who knows why yesterday felt like spring when the same temperature just a week or so ago didn't? Daylight is lasting longer, the sun is brighter. Mud is everywhere. I'm even starting to see some open water.
It won't last of course. After a balmy day today, tomorrow it rains and then it gets cold again. So this is nothing more than a teaser of spring. Still, it is the first taste of the new season, however brief it will turn out to be. I'm not going to put the snow shovel away just yet, though. But I am probably going to start doing something about my garden.
Happy almost spring!

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ChicagoLady said...

Happy Almost Spring to you! It was so nice yesterday, I definitely wanted it to last. Instead this morning, I woke to a 20 degree temperature drop, rain that then turned to snow once I was at work. The good news is the rain and warm temperatures melted a lot of the snow. Seeing grass makes it feel like spring is close.