Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Woodsline (and Baby Dog's Big Step)

When Roundtop built their new snowmaking pond, they had to clear some forest. That has created an artificial edge to where the woods begin again. And now, this area is the most open sky I can see in summer, so I go over there frequently just to see that much open sky. Near sunset a day or so ago, the line of trees made for an interesting picture.

I took Dog and Baby Dog for a swim last night.

Don't expect pictures.

It was the first time I walked both dogs at the same time without becoming a human maypole. So I'm not yet ready to handle both dogs and a camera. Perhaps we'll get there one of these years, perhaps not. Until last night I haven't been able to entice Baby Dog to go swimming. She won't even get her precious little toes wet. So I thought that if she saw Dog swimming, it might help. Dog loves to swim. Baby Dog loves Dog. It seemed like a good idea.

So down to the pond we went. Dog jumped in instantly, chasing fish and swimming along the edge of the pond. Baby Dog was flabbergasted and ran beside him on the shore, barking all the time. Eventually she took one step into the pond and then took a second step over to stand on a rock in the pond from where she could bark at Dog while he swam by. For her, that one step was progress.

Eventually, she either fell in from the shoreline or went in voluntarily and got wet up to her belly. I told her how brave she was and made a big fuss over her. I didn't press her any further last night. But it was progress!

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