Saturday, July 22, 2006

Summer Evening

I took this picture earlier this week, on one of the few pretty summer evenings I've seen in a while. Actually, it was one of the few pretty summer evenings all summer.

This summer has been grey, stormy, very rainy, and of course, hot, humid and hazy. This weekend is no exception. I see enough grey and rainy every day so I'm not inclined to post pictures that remind me how overcast it is. I like the pictures to show the pretty days of summer, when the light is interesting.

And the bad news is, I've now posted all the pretty summer pictures I have, so unless it clears today, I don't know what picture I'll post next.

I am already looking forward to fall hawk migration. It will start, though only just, in another 2 weeks or so. Mostly, August hawkwatching is an excuse to take the binoculars to the top of a mountain and sit for a few hours. Hawkwatchers say they're gettig their eyes dialed in for the big migration in September, but that only really takes about one trip to the hawkwatch and so can't really account for the days and weekends spent sitting on a mountain in August.

August is also good for shorebird migration, which I like simply because migration of *any* kind means fall is nearing and with it comes cooler temperatures (and better hawkwatching). So anything that just might possibly suggest fall is approaching is cause for my celebration. But in the meantime, I'll settle for a pretty summer evening.

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