Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Sunset over Roundtop's new snowmaking pond. Dog and I were out for a walk near sunset on Monday, and the sky was nice and clear, so I took a photo. Last night it was stormy--very. Limbs down, reports near me of trees and wires down (though not around the cabin).

I got home 3 minutes before the storm hit, managing only to close the windows. The poor dogs had to wait an extra hour to go out as the lightning strikes were too close to go outside. Baby Dog howled at the delay, acting the whole time as though she couldn't wait another second, as though she needed to go NOW!. When the storm finally eased enough that I'm pretty sure I won't be struck by lightning or hit by a falling tree as soon as I step outside,I take her out. And what does she do? She wanders around sniffing the ground, tries to chase an outdoor cat, grabs a stick. The desperation was all an act.

Now the terrible heat has broken, and the humidity is lower. It feels normal again.

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