Thursday, July 27, 2006

Red Morning

You probably know that old weather adage, "red sky at morning, sailor's warning..." It's usually right. This is the sunrise that greeted me this morning as soon as I left the cover of the forest, and emerged onto a slope at Roundtop. Needless to say, I'm expecting storms this afternoon.

As a result, I kept the dogs inside today instead of letting them run on the fenced back deck, much to their displeasure. Baby Dog barked at being confined to her crate, but she still gets into too much trouble if she's left loose in the house for 10 hours.

The heat and humidity have returned again, to my displeasure. I can so quickly get used to low temperatures and low humidity. I keep telling myself this is a normal August, which goes a long way to explain why I don't care for August.


ChicagoLady said...

I've never heard that weather adage before. The only one I slightly remember is the one about the moon being orange/red at night, it will be hot the next day. And Saturday night it was definitely orange/red, and it was very hot on Sunday.

Carolyn H said...

I've never heard the adage about a red moon predicting heat the next day. How does it go?

The adage I was referring to was

"Red sky at morning, sailor's warning.
Red sky and night, sailor's delight"

Red skies in the morning nearly always presage a storm that day. And this day was not an exception to that rule.