Sunday, July 02, 2006

Almost Back to Normal

Flood waters are still receding and though everything is still wet, everything is no longer water-logged—except perhaps these turkey vultures who were out drying off on the fence along the road into Roundtop. And my walking shoes which took 3 days to dry out.

Last night several moths entered the house when I opened the door to walk the dogs after dark. The cats went wild. The bad cat was so fixated on watching the moths that he ran headlong into a wall. This morning he has a small bump above his right eye to prove it.

The first of the black raspberries are ripe. I’ve picked enough along the driveway to put on my cereal in the morning. Dog loves black raspberries. Last year I fed him one that I’d just picked, and now he tries to pick his own raspberries. Unfortunately, he picks the red un-ripe ones as well as the black ones.

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ChicagoLady said...

I love black raspberries. I remember walking along the railroad tracks by my house as a child with my sister and father. We'd use them to top vanilla ice cream. Thanks for reminding me of that!