Monday, July 01, 2013

Weekend storms

Brown-eyed susans
Baby Dog has been in her glory this past weekend. She’s been seeing deer everywhere. Without the leash, she would quickly give chase, nose to the ground, after those stampeding deer. It doesn’t help when the deer bolt right in front of her, rocketing across the lane and into the woods. Maybe if they would amble across the lane or simply stop and stare at her, she would be less inclined to pull my arm from its socket.

This morning she saw two deer, both doe, both without fawns. Saturday, from the safety of a house, she watched two tiny fawns, accompanied by mother and last year’s sibling, dart across a road. The little ones clattered on the macadam and soon disappeared into a tangle by an old spring. Baby Dog couldn’t chase those, and watching them through a window isn’t nearly as exciting as having them dart right in front of her.

It’s been a rainy and stormy weekend, torrential rain following sunshine by minutes. Rain soaked the base of Roundtop Mountain, but the same storm didn’t give me a drop. Later, the opposite happened, when it looked as though the top of the mountain was the only place around that got the rain. Perhaps that persistent storminess is why deer are being seen at unusual times, arrowing from here to there for no apparent reason. Perhaps they don’t like the wet foliage that soaks a passerby as completely as the rain.

My photo today is of brown-eyed susans, a midsummer bloom that clearly doesn’t mind the rain.

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Cathy said...

Ugh, the rain was bad up here. Hawley, Pa got hit by between 4- 5 and half inches of rain sunday afternoon. The town got flooded and there's a few streets that got torn apart by the water. Just a mess up there.

Now me, just some rain but nothing really major. Except a heavy downpour today at 4 am. Ugh I was not happy.