Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beautiful summer morning

It’s a beautiful day here on Roundtop Mountain. For once, the haze created by the normal high humidity of summer is gone, and the day is crystal clear.

Typically, summer’s hot days hold more water vapor in the air than can the cooler days of winter. That extra water vapor creates the haze, which reduces visibility. Certain other conditions, such as wind, work to decrease the haze. Visibility is best on days that are cool, dry and have a bit of a breeze, especially a northwest breeze. That doesn’t sound much like summer here in the east, does it? Here summers are usually hot, humid and breezes are tough to come by.

In other words, days like today that are cool, dry and with a lovely light northwest breeze are few and far between in summer. Northwest breezes are usually associated with fall, and any hawkwatcher will tell you that when there’s a northwest wind, it’s time to put yourself on a hawkwatch to observe the show. The first good northwest breeze of August will start to move birds southward, and even now, in late July, I would not be surprised if this breeze was enough to get a few birds, perhaps Bald Eagles, moving southward.

Today, I’m not yet ready to start fall hawkwatching, but I am enjoying the crystal clear views and lovely temperatures. It does make me feel as though fall is nearing, even though by the calendar, summer is not yet half over.


Scott said...


Last evening, for the first time, I noticed the tell-tale dusty reddening of the flowering dogwood leaves here on some of the trees. It's always a sign that summer's in decline and autumn is on its way.

Countryside Tales said...

I think you can feel the approaching season from the middle of the previous one. That certainly happens here. Despite our recent heatwave in the UK there are are hints of autumn approaching- the fields are brown and heavy with crops, the birds are slowing down or completing their nesting behaviour and the nights and mornings are starting to draw in. I like the change between seasons and would miss them if we lived somewhere that didn't have them.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: this cooler weather after the heat wave earlier in the month really makes me yearn for fall.

Carolyn H said...

countryside: I don't think I would be happy someplace that didn't really have all four seasons. I love the yearly rounds of all of them.