Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Almost sunset

Almost sunset over South Mountain

A day of poor weather is approaching and threatening to cancel my camp session tomorrow.  The approaching system makes for some great sunsets and sunrises, though. Today’s photo is was taken just before  sunset last evening.  I also got a nice sunrise photo this morning that I will probably post later.
If my camp session is held tomorrow, it will probably be a wet one. I don’t mind getting wet.  I have the proper clothing for that. The biggest problem is that rain makes the stream muddy, and when it’s muddy the kids can’t see anything and if they can’t see anything they can’t catch anything.  Crayfish and similar stream denizens like to find the sunny spots in the stream.  Without the sun to lure them from under their rocks and other hiding places, I worry that the kids won’t be able to find much.
A little drizzle won’t hurt too much but an actual rain, anything from a moderate rain or worse, won’t make for a great day for the kids, I’m afraid.  Over the years I’ve had a few rainy sessions.  One was a total washout.  The kids were soaked and unhappy. I was dry enough, but it wasn’t an especially fun day. The kids didn’t catch anything.  It remains to be seen if tomorrow brings that kind of rain or the kind of rain that doesn’t totally impair the day.
Tonight, I’d better make sure my rain jacket and tent fly are in the pack, just in case.


Scott said...

Don't let those weather forecasts mess up your plans. They seem to be wrong as often as they are right. A forecast of rain is not guarantee. (Of course, having written that, it will pour buckets tomorrow.)

Jesh St Germain said...

Hope for dry weather for you - for sake of the kids:) Maybe have a backup plan what to do with them for when it does rain?