Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Odds and ends

No more turkey photos for a while. I promise. Well, I promise unless Mr. Turkey is doing something very interesting or comes to stand beside me or something like that. So far you don’t have to worry.

Roundtop has a bumper crop of small cottontail rabbits this year. Those things are tiny and dart off right in front of Baby Dog’s nose. Her feet are in motion before she can blink, and the result is usually that my arm is nearly pulled from its socket. This morning we saw five of the little ones, and I swear each was smaller than the last. Groundhogs and chipmunks are not in short supply either. The groundhogs seem smarter than these tiny bunnies, though. And the chipmunks tend not to hang out where we walk in the mornings. That’s probably a good thing, given Baby Dog’s penchant for wanting to chase everything she sees.

The near-constant rain is affecting my cell phone reception, a downside of living deep under the forest canopy that you’ve probably never thought of. My take on it is that billions of leaves are heavy with raindrops and that moisture dampens the signals, too. Reception is fine when the humidity is less, and reception usually starts to improve about an hour or so after the rain is over.

I first noticed the tendency during camp when I was down at the little stream not long after a rain. Normally, I can get reception down in that little valley, even though I am surrounded by mountains. But on this day, walkie-talkies didn’t work and neither did cell phones. Further up on top on the mountain where I live, reception is generally better, but week after week of summer rains, with little time for anything to dry out, takes its toll.

Speaking of camp, that’s where I’ll be tomorrow, so I’m hoping for a dry day. This summer, that would be novel.

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Pablo said...

I've noticed a lot more bunnies on my runs lately. And the chipmunks have made a return to the bird feeder in my back yard after a year or two of being way.