Monday, July 29, 2013


Have you noticed the mornings getting darker yet? I have. Now, when I walk Baby Dog, the sun is not yet above the horizon, though the east glows orange. Overhead the sky is a gray color, and I can’t tell from the shade if the morning is cloudy or simply the color of pre-dawn. This morning the sky eventually announced itself as clear and not cloudy, but I was already well into my walk before I could say that for sure.

With the heat wave broken, the temperatures are back to normal again. The nights are cooler, a northwest breeze rustles the oaks, and though it doesn’t yet feel like fall, neither does it feel like the tropics any longer. In the mornings I wear a long shirt or sometimes a summer sweater. The nip is there.

The cooler weather enlivens Baby Dog. She wants to run and be silly, so I let her gallop around to no purpose whatsoever. She returns, breathing hard but happy. Apparently she needed that. Even though the sun is not yet up, many birds are already moving. I hear goldfinch, bluebirds, chipping sparrow and cardinals. Of course, the blue jays and crows are alarming—something is always capturing their attention. The swallows are not in evidence this early, and though they are probably up and moving I don’t hear chickadees or nuthatch this morning. I see three deer high up on the ski slopes, but Baby Dog is more interested in rabbits and possibly the groundhogs. This morning the rabbits flees before we get close enough for Baby Dog to be much interested in it. That’s just as well. I’m in no hurry to have my arm pulled from its socket trying to hold on to her.

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Scott said...

I'm leaving my blinds up all the time now, Carolyn, because, as you point out, the sun is coming up later and later and now I'm out of bed (but not out walking a dog) before sunrise so I don't need to lower the blinds to keep the bedroom dark.

I, too, have noticed that graying of the sky to which you refer and can't tell if it's cloudy or just pre-dawn gray. These last few glorious days, its been the latter.