Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I hoped the rain helped

Fog rising from the mountains - July 24, 2013
Now that the weather has moderated and returned to normal, I’m looking forward to camp again. Tomorrow is another session, and I’m hoping the rains from the various storms will have boosted the depth of the stream and the little pool where kids catch crayfish, frogs and salamanders.
Last week the pool was looking pretty sad, and worse, the stream’s flow was so slow that mud kicked up by kid feet took forever to clear. I tried to keep the kids out of the pool because, as I told them, if you can’t see anything, you can’t catch anything. Well, remembering those words is hard for a kid, and I felt like the mud police trying to keep them from wading in the stream. I didn’t really want to keep them out of the stream, either, but waiting for 15 minutes for mud to clear out of the pool before the kids could see anything wasn’t much fun either.

In a good year, one that’s had decent snow cover and good spring rains, I let the kids wade as much as they want. Oh, the pool still gets muddy, but then it only takes a minute or so to clear. This year had minimal snow cover and not much in the way of spring rains, and that didn’t help the stream flow.

June was rainy here, but even that seemed to have only a minor impact on the stream flow. I don’t expect the rain from last week to turn the stream into a torrent, but I do hope the flow has improved enough so that the kids can get their toes wet.


Countryside Tales said...

No rain here yet and we're desperate for it, the land is bone dry and our pond is also in need of topping up. Hope you got your power back ok?

Granny Sue said...

Ah, rain! This year has been a good one for us, sometimes too much but I won't complain.

Carolyn H said...

Countryside: Yep, the power is back on, though not before the power company had to come and remove a tree on the wires!

Carolyn H said...

Granny Sue: June was pretty rainy here, so it's odd the little creek isn't in better shape. Perhaps even a rainy June can't make up for a lack of April showers and not much winter snow.