Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Appalachian sunset

One good thing about all the rain that’s fallen here over the past week or ten days: the rain has been fairly sporadic, if not when you're underneath one of the brief, torrential downpours. The big grey clouds roll across the sky constantly, sometimes allowing peeks of sunshine, never looking the same from minute to minute. That situation has produced some outstanding sunsets and sunrises over the past days. Today’s photo is sunset over South Mountain, taken last evening.

Usually, I prefer the sunrises and sunsets of winter to those of summer. That’s due in part to the forest blocking my best views of them. Another factor that’s perhaps more important is that summer skies here in Pennsylvania are often veiled by the haze of humidity. The haze mutes the sunset, and they just aren’t as pretty unless the air is crisp.

Last evening a brief rain shower right before sunset cleared the sky of fog and haze long enough to produce a really nice summer sunset over the Appalachians.


Scott said...

What's that bright spot in your picture? I certainly don't recognize it from the landscape around me the last two weeks!

Carolyn H said...

Scott: I had to look quick to see it!