Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One quiet evening

Gilbert Rd. bridge, Monaghan Twp. York County Pennsylvania
Unless this chilly air lasts for more than a day, I’m not going to turn my heat back on. This morning I was up and about in the cabin and as I was sitting down to breakfast, I glanced at the thermometer on the kitchen table. It was 59 degrees and I hadn’t even noticed. If I don’t notice it, I’m not going to turn the heat back on.

Around the cabin I’m starting to hear, though I haven’t yet seen, a few more early arriving bird species. The towhee has returned. Last night a belted kingfisher rattled its way over the trees, en route from one pond to another. The chipping sparrows are twittering, too. I’m expecting blue-gray gnatcatchers momentarily, if I don’t miss them this year. They are never numerous at Roundtop and always show up when I least expect it. I’m trying not to expect them, but I am anyway.

Baby Dog and I walked over to one of the ponds last evening and found a good spot to sit down and enjoy the sun and the view. Twenty-three Canada geese wandered over slowly and warily, all in the water but gathered in front of us. A few of them made that “I’m keeping my eyes on you” sound that’s just a single low note, drawn out a bit. If I make a “wrong” move that warning note turns into a honk of alarm and the group will scatter. The geese are curious about Baby Dog—I think that’s what makes them draw near—but they aren’t about to put up with any funny business.

For the moment, the pace of the spring explosion is slowing. I find that a relief after the speed of last week. It’s too early for spring to be this far along, and I need some time to catch my breath and get used to it. Spring is always a busy time at the cabin. Brush needs cleared or cut back before it takes over and makes walking around the cabin impossible. A few rails on the deck need to be hammered back into place, and one step will probably need another nail before too long. Snow shovels need put away and “stuff” that I keep close by so I can get to it quickly and easily during winter can now be put somewhere out of sight for a while.

Clearing away the clutter of winter and making room for warmer weather takes time and a fair bit of work. I need to sweep away my winter mindset and get ready for the activity of spring. I just need a minute or an evening to put myself in the right gear for the new season.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

We've just had a week of summer, turning up unexpectedly in March, so I'm trying to remind myself that we might have some colder weather on the way. Confusing times.

Scott said...

"...sweep away my winter mindset and get ready for the activity of spring." Great phrasing, Carolyn.

We had towhees all winter this year (not many, but they were here), and now they and their more recently arrived colleagues are calling like crazy.