Friday, March 09, 2012

A little different

The day is gray and windy. Spring greenery is not yet making an appearance. I’m tired of photographing brown on brown scenes. So, instead, for something a little different, I’ve decided to introduce you to one of my fantasy houses.

Even though my cabin in the forest is pretty much my fantasy, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about other fantasy houses, or perhaps an imaginary second fantasy house because I never want to leave my little cabin. But if I ever win the lottery I would soon have a stable of fantasy houses, both near and far.

This property isn’t far from my cabin. Down off the mountain, it’s surrounded by orchards. I love log cabins, so that’s what first caught my eye about this place. I like that it's set back off the road. I like that it still looks old, even down to the old outhouse, with everything perfectly spruced up and painted. My place virtually never looks this perfect.

Probably the only thing I’d change is that I’d get rid of what little yard there is and extend the pasture fence up further. I don’t do mowing, and I never will. This place needs a few goats and chickens, but really, that’s the easy part.



Scott said...

Kali and I just came back from four days in Charlottesville, VA. I've wanted to see Monticello for a long time, and we had a perfect, warm day for our tour. Our other reason for visiting C-ville was to consider it for retirement; we decided we could live there. While there, we looked at "country" properties and "city" properties. I think, though we'd like to live in the country, that we're going to opt for the city wherever we wend up landing because we're too used to city amenities and don't have the energy for the country any longer. Your "alternate dream house" would be too much for us. Alas...


What a neat fantasy log house. I too fantasize about some houses. I was interested that you said you don't mow. Really like that idea. I have let most of my property return to its natural habitat except for just around the perimeter of the house. As a result I have lots of wildlife large and small. Thanks for the good post -- barbara