Thursday, March 01, 2012

Spring arrives to fog

Fog rules the morning here on Roundtop Mtn. Oh, and spring has arrived. Last night I heard the honking of a huge and high flock of migrating Canada geese. The sound is distinctive and different from the everyday honking of the geese.

I suspect the height of the flock has something to do with it, as well as the sheer number of geese. They honk continuously when they migrate, as though the flock is a traveling cocktail party with everyone talking at the same time. And they do sound happy, or at least eager, to be heading north again.

Then this morning, I heard the call of a killdeer or two. These birds are early arrivers, too. A few will nest in the stone parking lots at Roundtop, but for most the mountain is just a stop on their longer trip.

Together, hearing the migrating calls of geese and those of the killdeer, the evidence is irrefutable. Spring is here, if only as yet in its infancy.


Pablo said...

I suspect geese honk in flight in order to know where each other is. In the dark or clouds or fog they may not be able to see the rest of the group, but they can still hear it.

I've seen several killdeer here (in the dog park near Kansas City -- I hope they're not thinking of nesting there!)

Carolyn H said...

Pablo: As much noise as geese make when they are migrating, they should have any trouble finding each other! Ever notice how geese on a lake can hear other geese flying overhead long before we can. They start to call them down, too.

Cathy said...

Love that last photo! Has a bit of spookiness to it.

Cynthia M. said...

Your last photo is really terrific - very moody!

I've also been hearing migrating Canada geese, and robins appeared in our yard for a day last week before moving on. Spring is definitely on its way - and early.