Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A morning in March

Old Dorsey Lane, Monaghan  Township, York County, Pennsylvania
Gradually, I am growing accustomed to this past weekend’s time change, but I still dread and dislike the “spring forward” part of it. Gaining an extra hour in the fall is fine, though. Best of all would be never to have to do one or the other again, though I suspect that is unlikely. Still, the number of countries that now does not do daylight savings time is growing and is now up to 70, a bit more than a third of all countries.

At Roundtop, the weather this week is more like May than March, a good 20 degrees above normal. I am already seeing (and smelling) stink bugs (ugh!). The first mustard sallow moths, three of them to be precise, appeared on my cabin wall last night. For the record, the moths first appeared last year on March 18.

New plant growth is still missing from the mountain, which leads me to wonder if plants are smarter than insects. The season could still dish up some unhappy weather surprises, though it won’t this week. Maybe the plants suspect something is afoot and are staying hidden until that unknown something passes.

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