Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today fall is a freight train

All of a sudden, the fall color change picked up speed and is moving like a freight train. I can see the difference between morning and evening. Of course, temperatures in the lower 40’s overnight certainly help to move the process along.

The local animals are busier, too. Deer rut must have started because the roads after dark are not safe. And it’s not just the public roads; the deer are wandering through the parking lots at Roundtop, too. The raccoons are making a mockery of my “bird” feeder at the moment. It’s more like a raccoon feeder with an agility aspect in snaking out the goodies. Squirrels and chipmunks are so focused on grabbing acorns and nuts that they almost qualify as being underfoot. Everyone is about as busy as they can be. Including me.

Every fall it’s a race to get things done at the cabin. I always wait until the last minute, hoping for one more warm day, maybe another weekend. So when the weather turns, it always feel sudden to me—a day early or maybe a week. The decks need swept again. The outside furniture needs attention. The houseplants must come in. The chicken pen must be boarded up. The list is endless. The time in which to get it done isn’t. I try to do the most critical things first and then anything else I have time for.

Photos? Oh, yes, I’d better add that to my list. If I don’t the season will be over before I find the time.

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