Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hoping this won't be the last...

As rain is falling now and wind is supposed to follow the rain, I’m not very optimistic about how many leaves and the quality of the fall colors that will be left afterwards. This fall’s display is also hampered by a large number of withered and brown leaves, mostly caused by the August drought, though insect damage might also be a culprit.
So last evening when the light was still nice and warm, I was out taking a few photos and hoping these won’t be my last really colorful leaf photos of the season.

At the cabin, all my houseplants that summered outside are now inside, and the cabin feels and looks smaller. A few windows are still cracked open, and they will likely remain that way until I get a frost. I might be forced to turn the heat on tonight. We’ll see about that one.

So I am nearly ready for chillier weather, if not yet ready for serious cold weather. Fortunately, I shouldn’t have to worry about that just yet.

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jeannette said...

Glad you took this pic of beautiful fall leaves, before they are blown off by wind and/or rain!