Monday, October 11, 2010

Good times at Apple Harvest Festival

National Apple Harvest Festival
The past weekend I made my nearly annual visit to the National Apple Harvest Festival in Arentsville, Pennsylvania, which is just north of Gettysburg.  You should pronounce the first part of the town like the word “aren’t.” It’s one of the few big fairs that I like to attend regularly.
I love the fairgrounds, which look like something from the 1930’s. It’s nestled against the mountains. Nothing is paved. Mature pine trees are spread throughout the grounds. The food is outstanding. (Well, I guess that’s not unusual for a good fair.) I always look forward to this fair and this year’s version did not disappoint.

The festival is always held the first two weekends in October. I try to get there as soon as it opens on a Sunday. I never go on a Saturday. Those are always crazy-busy. Unfortunately, more and more people are learning that early on a Sunday morning is the least crowded time for this very busy fair, so even then is no longer very uncrowded.
The weather this past weekend was great, which no doubt added to the crowd but that’s how it goes. Did I mention the food? Apple this and apple that—from sausages to pancakes to funnel cakes and of course, all the more usual apple goodies. I need to start a diet ASAP.


jeannette said...

The first pic is cool - rays of sun, smoke and fire all in one pic. We have something like this in the hills, close to Sacramento, called Apple Hill, so I know the atmosphere,..and the goodies! Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn H said...

Jeannette: Yes, the first photo turned out okay. I can't resist the goodies!

Carolyn H. said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of fun! I think autumn is the best time for fairs.

Carolyn H said...

LPN: I love fairs when there's a nip in the air--so much better than sweltering somewhere in the middle of summer.

Carolyn H.