Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Color progresses just a bit

Fall color is gaining a little bit each day here on Roundtop Mtn. I’m tempted to take a photo of this view every morning for the next couple of weeks just to see how much the color does change from day to day. The leaves still have quite a ways to go, but the change is underway.

I had a female purple finch at my feeder yesterday. I was sitting just a few feet away from her and didn’t dare move even to grab the camera. I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever seen a purple finch before the first juncos arrived. I think I probably haven’t, but it may just be that I didn’t pay attention to when I first saw a purple finch.

I’m glad the finch I saw was the female. I think they are easier to differentiate from the ubiquitous house finch than are the males.

I should give up even attempting to take photos in the mornings now, but I can't seem to break the habit.
 Maybe next week.


Grizz………… said...

Lots of yellow/gold here now, but still not much red/orange, though…and not likely to be, I suspect. Some trees in my yard have already lost all their leaves! The view up and down the river still shows a lot of green—but it's always slower.

I think daily photos—or at least every other day—would be neat. I've thought about doing that here, too. Maybe next year.

Certainly no juncos here!

Cathy said...

Ohh purple finch! I think i saw one couple years ago.

You should tried to take a photo everyday to see teh colors change. I keep saying I'm going do it ever year adn forget.

My color is wonderful this year! However last year on 16th, I got some snow. I hope this year it stays away until Nov!

Scott said...

While the juncos haven't arrived here yet in the PA Piedmont, I heard my first White-throated Sparrow yesterday, and a chorus of them were singing up a storm this morning. While we're still mostly green here, the green is heavily tinged with yellow, and the pace of change is quickening.