Monday, October 01, 2007

A Little Leaf Change

Fall has stalled here, with temperatures warming up again to what should be an early September range. This likely means that the color change will halt until the weather turns more "normal" again. I love fall because of its cool, crisp temperatures but this year I don't seem to have anything even remotely resembling cool, let alone crisp.

The color changes I do see are quite variable. One side of a hill will have some obvious color change. The other side will still look green.

Around the cabin, it's still too soon to get my view of the western mountain back, but I'm starting to be able to see the forest floor now. Instead of being covered with growth, the understory of the forest is withered and thin. I can probably see close to 30 yards now, which is at least double the distance I could see in mid-summer.

I think I waited about a day too long to take this photo of the red/green oak tree near the entrance to Ski Roundtop. The day before, the tree really looked as though it was evenly split between red and green.

Yellow appears as though it will be the dominant color this year, with a little orange and just a bit of red for variety.

I've changed the resolution of my blog photos so dial-up users wouldn't have to wait so long for the page to load. Please let me know how it looks and works. I can still fiddle with it some more.


mon@rch said...

The leaves are changing where you are at! Just love this time of the year!

Cathy said...

Yes where did the fall temptures go? I'm sitting at this computer with a open window. However the colors up here are not stopping.