Monday, October 08, 2007

Hot Fall Weather

Never before have I started work at the ski resort in short sleeves. Yesterday I did just that. Boy, did that feel weird. The temperature topped out in the mid-80's.

But even that wasn't perhaps the weirdest happening of the day. As I was walking back to the cabin from my first shift of the "winter," I heard geese honking high overhead. It was a flock of Canada geese, so high that I never wouldn't have seen them if I hadn't heard them first. I saw perhaps 75 or so of them, obviously at a migration altitude, not the local flocks that flit from lake to lake here throughout the year.

This flock of geese was flying at what should be the peak of waterfowl migration, despite this year's weather. Usually, I see goose flocks between October 9-12 or so here. So the timing of this flock's migration was right, though the weather sure wasn't. Perhaps the other geese have decided to wait until the weather more closely resembles what it should be before they fly.

My photo this morning was taken looking up my lane on Friday morning. It's changed a bit since then but the color change (not surprisingly) isn't progressing very much right now.


Jennifer said...

yeah... and what's really weird is that this week we marked the anniversary of a terrible snow/ice storm that took down so many trees up in buffalo... hard to think of that while wearing a sleeveless shirt and sandals.

Cathy said...

Oh yes the summee weather that's hanging around. Makes it's kinda hard to enjoy the color leaves when you are slowly roasting! Hopeful it's all gone real soon.

Carolyn H said...

Jennifer: I didn't remember about the Buffalo ice storm, but I've not that uncommonly had snow only about 10 days from now. I am so sick of my summer clothes that I could scream. Usually, I only wear them for 3-4 months of the year, not for 5 months!

Cathy: Boy, was I roasting yesterday. Today the storm that is to end this weather is supposed to come through. I'm expecting it to be a doozy. The temperature doesn't drop from 90 to 60 without a lot of fireworks.