Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day in the Forest - Part 3

This photo shows the logging road that runs between the boundary lines of the state gamelands and Roundtop's property. It makes for a nice and easy walk through the forest.

A little further on, I found a road that started up the mountain next to Roundtop and led back north, so I followed it. I'd never been on this particular woods road before, and my only concern was that I would end up on the opposite side of Beaver Creek, where it flow wider and deeper and that I'd have trouble getting back to "my" side of the creek without getting wet. As it turned out, an hour or so later I ended up back at Roundtop's first pond and only had to balance my way across the spillway to get back to my side. Normally, water flows over the spillway, and I wouldn't attempt this maneuver then, but as dry as it's been water wasn't within a foot of the top of the spillway.

October is a wonderful time to be in the woods, and when you find a clear and calm October day, that's even better. I didn't see or hear any humans on this jaunt and didn't see any four-legged animals either. The blue jays made sure that my progress was tracked throughout the woods.
My last photo is the giant stump I found deep in the woods, an old remnant, I think, of the logging days in the past. It must have been amazing in its day.
Tomorrow: back to current events at the cabin.


RuthieJ said...

Don't you just love how it seems so much brighter in the woods with the sunlight shining through those yellow leaves? I'm glad you had the whole woods to yourself.

Carolyn H said...

Ruthiej: It is a lot brighter now than it was in mid-summer--and not just during the day either. I'll actually be glad when the leaves are down, as night-walking in the woods is a lot easier when the starlight is visible to guide me.